Jude Law's ex-wife Sadie Frost has hired a new nanny to replace sacked DAISY WRIGHT - and she has purposefully picked an employee lacking in sex appeal.

SADIE FROST dismissed 26-year-old Wright after one of their children caught the clandestine lovers in bed when Law was filming All the King's Men in America earlier this year (MAR05).

And now Frost has chosen a mature woman to look after her children because she doesn't want any more scandals involving her ex-husband affecting her close-knit family.

A friend tells British newspaper The Sun, "Sadie didn't want another pretty nanny like Daisy. She thought an older person would be more grounded and reliable.

"The replacement is a bit of a ringer for Mrs Doubtfire and got the nickname from Sadie's friends. The kids absolutely adore her and she's a bit dumpy and not particularly attractive.

"Sienna Miller can rest assured Jude won't jump into bed with Daisy's replacement. She is old enough to be his mum."

21/07/2005 09:30