Neither rain, nor snow, nor stormy London weather can stop these celebrities for turning out to the latest premiere. Then again, it was a Jude Law film, the highly anticipated Don Hemingway, co-starring Richard E. Grant. It’s not difficult to see what brought out actors, musicians, socialites, etc. out in full force (if a bit more covered up than we’re used to seeing red carpet stars). Still, despite the bulky coats, everyone looked as posh and impressive as ever. And, judging from early reviews, the film is definitely worth the turnout. 

Jude Law, Dom Hemingway UK Premiere
Law looked rather casual in his grey and white ensemble.

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The movie, which is already being lauded for its great writing and impressive performances, tells the story of a safecracker (named Dom Hemingway, as you may have guessed) who has just served a 12-year prison sentence.

Jude Law, Dom Hemingway Still
Dom Hemingway, enjoying freedom for the first time in twelve years.

Of course, he gets sucked back into the game pretty much on his release, as he meets his former partner Dickie and enlists his help in tracking down Mr. Fontaine – the big shot behind his first post-jail operation.

Check out the Dom Hemingway trailer below.

After retrieving the money he is owed for keeping his mouth shut all these years, Hemingway does the only logical thing – throws a massive alcohol-fueled party to celebrate his freedom. What follows is the Mother of Mornings After – most people would be bothered by just a hangover, but Don has to deal with his money disappearing and rebuilding the relationship with his daughter Evelin – presumably while dealing with one massive headache. This gritty British crime thriller has been directed and written by Primetime Emmy winning Richard Shepard (The Matador, The Hunting Party, Oxygen)

Jude Law, Richard E. Grant, Dom Hemingway Still.
Law and Grant, looking fierce as ever.