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Jude Law


Jude Law (born 27.12.1972)

Jude Law is an award winning English actor who began his career on the stage, before progressing to television and film to become one of the most bankable movie stars in Hollywood, with roles in The Talented Mr Ripley, Alfie, and My Blueberry Nights.

Jude Law: Childhood

Jude Law was born David Jude Law in Lewisham in South East London, the second child of Peter and Maggie. Jude was named him after the song Hey Jude by The Beatles and the central character in Thomas Hardy's novel, Jude the Obscure. Jude's parents were both teachers and now run a theatre company in France. Jude's sister, Natasha, is a London based artist.

Jude Law was raised in Blackheath and attended the local primary school where, aged six, he discovered his love of acting whilst performing in a school play. Following a spell at the local comprehensive school in nearby Kidbrooke, Jude went to Alleyn's School, an independent school in Dulwich.

By the time Jude was twelve he'd joined the prestigious National Youth Music Theatre which would propel him into the world of theatre and television. Jude's television debut was in a musical production of Beatrix Potter's The Tailor of Gloucester and at seventeen he left school to appear in the Granada soap opera, Families.

Jude Law: Acting Career

Law's first main stage roles were in The Fastest Clock In The Universe, and the West End production of Indiscretions, which he later performed on Broadway alongside Kathleen Turner. Law received the Ian Charleson Award for Outstanding Newcomer. Jude regularly returned to the stage throughout his film career.

Law secured his first major full length film role in Shopping (1994), co-starring Sadie Frost. Jude Law's profile rose further with the release of Wilde (1997), starring Stephen Fry as Oscar Wilde. Law played Wilde's lover, Lord Alfred Douglas and won the Most Promising Newcomer Award from the Evening Standard British Film Awards.

Jude Law subsequently moved to Hollywood where he landed a role in Gattaca (1997) starring Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, before being cast alongside Kevin Spacey in Clint Eastwood's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Law's next breakthrough role was in The Talented Mr Ripley (1999) with Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow, for which Law was nominated an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Jude Law continued to gain roles in Hollywood blockbusters, appearing in Enemy at the Gates (2001), Artificial Intelligence: A.I. (2001), and Road to Perdition (2002), culminating in another Academy Award nomination for Cold Mountain in 2004.

Although the remake of Alfie (2004) was a box office flop, Jude Law's performance in the lead role - played by Michael Caine in the original film - made him a household name. Law followed this with a cameo appearance in The Aviator (2004) and as a narrator in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004). In 2006 Law starred alongside Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black in The Holiday, and in 2007 appeared in My Blueberry Nights with musician Norah Jones. That year, Jude also turned his hand to producing, with the film Sleuth in which he stars opposite Michael Caine.

Jude Law: Personal life

Jude Law and the actor Sadie Frost met on the set of Shopping in 1993, and married in 1997. They have four children: Finlay Munro (stepson of Law), son Rafferty, daughter Iris, and son Rudy. Law and Frost divorced in 2003, citing work pressures. Law later had a two-year relationship with actor Sienna Miller, which ended in 2006.

In 2004, The People magazine named Jude Law the Sexiest Man Alive. Law became the face of the new male perfume from Dior in 2008.

Law also runs the production company Natural Nylon with Jonny Lee Miller, Ewan McGregor and Sadie Frost.

Jude is involved in a wide variety of charity work and in 2007 contributed to The Day After Peace, a film set in Afghanistan, in recognition of International Peace Day.

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Jude Law For Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Jude Law - Jude Law celebrates the joy of giving at the global premiere of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label - 'The Gentleman's Wager II' at Villa Mondragone at Villa Mondragone - Rome, Italy - Saturday 31st October 2015

Jude Law
Giancarlo Giannini and Jude Law
Jude Law

David Beckham Lands Speaking Role In Guy Ritchie’s ‘Knights Of The Roundtable: King Arthur’

David Beckham Guy Ritchie Charlie Hunnam Astrid Berges-Frisbey Eric Bana Jude Law

David Beckham is embarking on a whole new career – acting! The former footballing star has landed a role in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur. Beckham announced the news in a recent interview with a British newspaper and revealed he is prepared to face criticism if his acting skills are not up to scratch.

David BeckhamDavid Beckham at the opening of the 'Breitling Boutique' in Madrid, June 2015.

Read More: David Beckham Hits Back Over Criticism Of Parenting Methods After Harper Pictured With A Pacifier.

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Spy Review


The ace partnership between filmmaker Paul Feig and actress Melissa McCarthy evolves into something formidable with this raucous action comedy, which simultaneously spoofs the espionage genre and provides some genuine thrills. From ensemble player (Bridesmaids) to costar (The Heat) and now to the star of the show, McCarthy finds a role worthy of her talents, subverting rather than exploiting her distinct physicality.

She plays Susan Cooper, a desk-jockey at the CIA who works with the field agents, guiding them by radio link through their dangerous paces. When star spy Bradley Fine (Jude Law) is taken out of service and all other top agents have their covers blown, the boss (Allison Janney) has little choice but to send the well-trained Susan into the field to take down the villainous arms dealer Rayna (Rose Byrne). With her best pal Nancy (Miranda Hart) as her office-bound helper, Susan gets into a series of disguises and travels to Paris, Rome and then Budapest. And despite the constant attempts of rogue agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham) to "help" her, Susan gets ever closer to Rayna and her gangster buyer Sergio (Bobby Cannavale).

The relatively simple plot is overcrowded with characters and subplots that add absurd layers of humour to the film, almost all of which are genuinely hilarious. Best of all, none of the laughs come at the expense of Susan, a capable, smart, witty woman who's the perfect alter ego for McCarthy (and certainly much more engaging than her obnoxious-slob persona in The Heat or Tammy). She has terrific chemistry with all of her costars, flirting shamelessly with the Bond-like Law, an amusingly swaggering Statham and especially the purringly hysterical Byrne. As always, the great Janney steals every one of her few scenes. Less effective is an extended goofy cameo by Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, who at least shows willing to dive into some ridiculous comedy. There's also another terrific foil in Susan's local contact Aldo, played with leering, opportunistic relish by Peter Sarafinowicz.

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Paul Feig On Writing And Directing Movie Parts For Women

Melissa McCarthy Jude Law

Paul Feig, the director of the new movie Spy starring Melissa McCarthy, has spoken about his desire to write realistic roles for women, rather than conform to the usual rom-com rubric where all that female characters talk about are their relationships with men.

The 52 year old director, who has previously helmed movies such as Bridesmaids and Knocked Up, told The Huffington Post on Monday: “I want to write to the things I want them to be discussing and not be discussing. I have no desire to do, at this point in time, a romantic comedy where it's all about… talking about a guy or this and that. I love to be able to pass the Bechdel test.”

Paul FeigPaul Feig spoke about his desire to write credible, realistic movie parts for women

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New York Premiere Of 'Spy'

Susan Sarandon - New York premiere of 'Spy' at AMC Loews Lincoln Square - Red Carpet Arrivals - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 2nd June 2015

New York Premiere Of 'Spy'

Jude Law - New York premiere of 'Spy' at AMC Loews Lincoln Square - Red Carpet Arrivals - New York City, New York, United States - Monday 1st June 2015

Jude Law
Jude Law
Jude Law
Jude Law
Jude Law
Jude Law

'Spy' U.K. Film Premiere

Jude Law, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham - 'Spy' U.K. film premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square at The Odeon,Leicester Square, Odeon Leicester Square - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 27th May 2015

Jude Law, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham
Jude Law
Jude Law, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham
Jude Law, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham
Jude Law, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham
Jason Statham, Nargis Fakhri, Melissa McCarthy, Peter Serafinowicz, Paul Feig, Jude Law, Jessica Chaffin, Miranda Hart and Allison Janney

'Spy' UK Film Premiere

'Spy' UK film premiere at Odeon Leicester Square - Arrivals at Odeon Leicester Square - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 28th May 2015

Jude Law
Jude Law
Jude Law
Jude Law
Jude Law
Jude Law, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham

Jude Law Becomes A Father For The Fifth Time

Jude Law

Jude Law has become a father for the fifth time. The British actor and his ex-girlfriend Catherine Harding recently welcomed a baby girl into the world, according to E! News reports.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson stated to People magazine “I can confirm the arrival of Jude Law and Catherine Harding’s daughter. Both are delighted and continue to ask that their privacy and that of their child be respected.”

Jude Law
Jude Law has become a father for the fifth time

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Spy - Teaser Trailer

Susan Cooper works as an analyst for the CIA; rarely out where the action is and working entirely from the office, advising some of the organisation's top agents during their most deadly assignments. However, following a serious lapse in judgement at the hands of her partner during a bomb disposal mission, the agency are forced to enlist another member of the team to uncover the location of the nuclear weapon. Deciding now is the time to drop her boring persona and become the super keen spy she always wanted to be, Susan volunteers to go undercover - to much derision from her colleagues who barely know her name let alone her position in the CIA. She's allowed to prove herself on the task though, with no appropriate alternative, but can she show that Susan Cooper is just as deadly as her team?

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The Grand Budapest Hotel - Featurettes

While preparing to film 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', director Wes Anderson and company scouted for locations, finding an abandoned shopping centre which they converted into the lobby of the hotel. The exterior of the hotel was primarily shot through the use of miniatures, as were certain action sequences from the film. The minute detail was continued into the creation of costumes for the extras, as each one was supposedly created to have their own entire backstory. Furthermore, the setting for 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is the fictional Republic of Zubrowka. This, too, was created in detail, with various passports, newspapers and small businesses that were designed with a tremendous amount of detail. 

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Black Sea - Trailer And Clips

With jobs for submarine operators steadily beginning to dwindle, an entire sea crew find themselves without jobs. Captain Robinson (Jude Law) has been so committed to the job for so long, that the rest of the world has moved on without him. With his family gone, Robison is turned on to the reports of a Nazi U-boat abandoned at the bottom of the Black Sea. After assembling a crew of half British and half Russian sailors, they set of in search of the gold stash - a stash which will be shared equally amongst them, making them all multi-millionaires. But when the idea starts to circulate that fewer men mean larger shares, the bleak isolation leads to horror and greed, with no possibility of escape.

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'Black Sea' Takes Its Place In The Sub Genre

Jude Law Kevin Macdonald

Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald has taken on one of cinema's trickiest genres with his new thriller 'Black Sea', a submarine movie starring Jude Law as a unemployed ship-builder who hires a mercenary crew to salvage a stash of Nazi gold lost in Russian waters. 

Jude Law uncovers secret Nazi gold
Jude Law uncovers a stash of hidden Nazi gold

Submarine movies are a tricky proposition mainly because of the necessity of working within seriously claustrophobic sets that provide little help for audiences who haven't a clue what all these dials and gauges mean. Not to mention the fact that there is so little scope for a change of scenery. So Macdonald's film centres on the growing tension between the shifty crewmates as they create a mini Cold War in the deep, dark recesses of the 'Black Sea'.

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Wait, Is Jude Law's 'Black Sea' The Best British Movie Of 2014?

Jude Law Ben Mendelsohn Scoot McNairy David Threlfall Kevin Macdonald

Do we have a late entrant for best British movie of 2014? We're not actually running a competition - the BAFTA's sort of are, and Black Sea might win. On the face of it (of from the trailer), Kevin Macdonald's movie appears to be a formulaic adventure thriller. Sort of Das Boot-lite. And the makers managed to club together to pay Jude Law, for the posters.

Jude LawJude Law plays an Aberdeenshire submarine captain in Black Sea

Law plays a rogue submarine captain who pulls together a misfit crew to go after Nazi treasure on-board a sunken U-Boat at the depths of the Black Sea. However, as greed and desperation begins to set in on the team's claustrophobic vessel, the men turn on each other and begin fighting for their own survival. It's brilliant. 

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Black Sea Review


While this submarine adventure starts out as a brainy thriller with superior production design, it eventually gives in to the demands of the genre: silly plotting and corny melodrama. Screenwriter Dennis Kelly never remotely tries to sell the two big events that cause considerable mayhem for everyone on-screen, so both feel sudden and contrived. At least the cast is sharp enough that the audience is willing to go with it.

It opens in recession-gripped Scotland. After being sacked from the steelworks, Robinson (Jude Law) teams up with fellow unemployed pal Blackie (Konstantin Khabenskiy) to reclaim their dignity by salvaging Nazi gold from a sunken sub in the Black Sea. With finance arranged by Daniels (Scoot McNairy), they assemble a team of Brits and Russians who immediately start re-enacting the Cold War in the rusty Soviet-vintage submarine they'll be using for their heist. Crewmates include a psycho diver (Ben Mendelsohn), a wheezy veteran (David Threlfall) and an 18-year-old (Bobby Schofield) with nothing better to do. But as they skulk along beneath the Russian Fleet, tempers flare and threaten to undermine their mission. Getting their hands on the gold is one thing; making it home alive might be even trickier.

Director Kevin Macdonald keeps the film fast-paced and tense, as the biggest peril this crew faces is in the fiery interaction between themselves. Arguments, paranoia and mistrust lead to violence, which in turn causes a series of problems that threaten the lives of everyone on board the submarine. Frankly, this seems rather far-fetched for a team of supposedly elite mercenaries who know that they need to look out for each other if they have any hope of accomplishing the mission. And with some major plot twists along the way, the story begins to feel like a collection of increasingly implausible obstacles these resourceful men need to overcome.

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Jude Law
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