Review of DJ Kicks Album by Juan Maclean

!K7 Records release the 30th DJ Kicks compilation and Juan Maclean has the privilege of selecting the tunes. The DJ Kicks series are legendary and I love them! American electronic musician Juan Maclean has been responsible for some major contributions to dance music most notably for me setting up LCD Soundsystem and founding DFA records.

Juan Maclean DJ Kicks Album

So this DJ Kicks album is mixed well as you'd expect with some heavyweight names remixing some well known and popular tunes in the world of funky house music and positive disco house. 'Feliz Casa' and 'Feel So Good,' his own tracks, feature on this compilation that should please some. Florian Meindal 'Here Today Gone Tomorrow' is also a big tune.

Listening to this I could relate to it immediately having done my fair share of partying. It's quite typical of what's being played out right now in many of the hip and popular dance places. It's certainly mixed well and should be well received. A great house party album, it tracks aren't going to offend anyone but they sound great played loud or quietly. However outside of the party it might be a hard album to play continuously as it's a bit one dimensional. It's certainly shows good house music DJing but that's about as far as it takes you.

Tareck Ghoneim


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