The Grammy Award-winning duo took a hiatus in 2012, but last August (14), they officially announced they had split, citing "internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition".

A year later, Williams has opened up about the musical break-up in a radio interview with WNYC's Death, Sex & Money Show, revealing she doesn't have any relationship with White, stating, "I'm sad, because we don't speak anymore... I feel like I'm looking at a ghost in a way."

Williams continued, "I wanted one thing, and he didn't want that. And a professional difference of opinion can feel very personal... I didn't go through a relational divorce, but I went through a creative divorce."

She admits the band break-up was tough on her marriage as her husband, Nate Yetton, was the duo's manager - and she came close to ending that too.

She explained, "When the family business of The Civil Wars collapsed, it collapsed on multiple fronts for me and for Nate, and we almost gave up. We almost quit on each other.

"We didn't make any grand declarations that we would stay together. We kind of took that off the table. I went to a therapist on my own, and then Nate and I went to couples therapy, and it was huge for us."

And although Williams no longer has a connection with White, she has strengthened her marriage with Yetton, adding, "I'm so much more in love with the man sitting across the dining room table than I have ever been."