Californian police officials have issued a bizarre warning to Journey fans, insisting there will be a zero tolerance policy regarding underage drinking at the veteran rockers' concert in Chula Vista on Thursday night (15May14).

Chiefs at the Chula Vista Police Department plan to bolster security at the Don't Stop Believin' hitmakers' show to ensure no one under the legal U.S. drinking age of 21 is boozing at the venue.

They will also be cracking down on public intoxication and have vowed to ban any drunk gig-goers from the concert if they are spotted acting inappropriately.

A statement issued to the media on Thursday reads: "Cvpd will be enforcing Zero Tolerance for underage drinking and public intoxication at the Journey concert tonight at Sleep Train Amphitheatre.

"We will be doubling our enforcement efforts to combat underage drinking and public intoxication both during the concert and the pre-concert tailgating (drinking in parking lot) activities.

"Underage drinkers will be cited and removed from the venue without a refund for their ticket. Officers will also be on the look out for excessive drinking that is disruptive and/or a safety concern. Intoxicated patrons will be denied access to the event and No refunds will be given."

The police crackdown is a little confusing, considering the age of the average Journey fan is 40.