Marvel are on a high right now; not only is their second phase of films coming along strongly, with positive reviews for their current releases and a strong roster of forthcoming releases, but their TV show, Marvel Agents of SHIELD, has enjoyed high ratings and a critical response to match.

Clark GreggClark Gregg in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

But did the latest episode, Girl in the Flower Dress match the show’s high standards? There are spoilers ahead.

“This was a pretty damn busy and quite fun episode,” said IGN in their 8.1/10 review. “The end gave us plenty to chew on, with Centipede’s mysterious contact in prison in turn being asked to consult with “The Clairvoyant.” As a Marvel fan, I certainly hope thatone of these folks is an established Marvel character. But in the meantime, SHIELD is beginning to build its story in an intriguing way.”

The Huffington Post were equally doting in their review. “This week, we got some much-needed character development as well as a more substantial tease about our larger menace -- they even got a name! In fact, names were very important in this episode,” Jason Hughes wrote. “All in all, I was very encouraged by the developments this week”

Also impressed were HitFix, who surmised the episode positively, saying: “A solid episode, and once again, they seem to be seeding mysteries but also following up on them much faster than I would have expected. I thought they'd milk this Skye secret for a while, and here we are, all the cards already on the table. At this point, CENTIPEDE remains the largest unresolved ongoing issue, and we'll see how long it takes S.H.I.E.L.D. to crack that one.”

With great ratings - both in the U.K and the U.S - and a positive critical response for every episode so far, you can be sure a second season will be commissioned by ABC.