Joss Whedon has been an institution for his niche group of fans ever since the early 90s. But now, after the phenomenal success of last year’s “The Avengers” the quirky, workaholic director has become a household names. Which means he can also afford to work on pet projects like “Much Ado About Nothing” – Whedon’s Shakespeare adaptation, which was adapted and cast in a month, in between principle photography and post-production for The Avengers, according to Whendon’s recent interview with Moviefone. We weren’t kidding when we said workaholic.

But Whedon is taking it (a little) easier for the filming of The Avengers 2. He has his reasons for it, too: I enter upon "Avengers 2" with a different mindset than I did the first one. I feel like I know so well what it is that I want to accomplish, and like "Much Ado," I now have a real sense of the troop I'm working with and the strictures and the opportunities. My little passion, sidebar project comes out May 1, 2015.”

As for Much Ado, the film, which, in his own words, helped Whedon unlock “something very pure in me that I'd cut myself off from, of just enjoying every moment of the process,” is now in the hands of the critics, but both they and the few movie goers (Much Ado only saw a limited release) seem to be thrilled with the adaptation.

Joss Whedon, Much Ado About Nothing Premiere
For Whedon, a break just means working on a pet project.

Joss Whedon, Much Ado About Nothing LA Premiere
The director goes back to filming The Avengers 2 later this year.