The trail of two men accused of plotting to behead the singer Joss Stone continues. Yesterday, Kevin Liverpool, 35 and Junior Bradshaw, 32 appeared in Exeter Crown Court, facing the charges and evidence presented against the pair included a series of notes, with details of their plans and the fact that they were eventually stopped near her house, with a Samurai sword, hammers and knife.

Prosecutors explained that “macabre” notes were found, threatening to decapitate her and dump her body in a river. They reportedly dubbed the 25 year-old singer a “she-devil in the flesh.” According to The Sun’s report the two accused men took a dislike to Joss because of her apparent connection with the royal family, as she has had royal attendees at her concerts and has sung at a number of royal charity gigs. Stone was also a guest at William and Kate’s wedding in 2011. “The documents appear to express disapproval of the Royal family and the Queen,” said Simon Morgan QC, prosecuting. He added “Joss Stone associates with members of the Royal family — her concerts have been attended by members of it and she was invited to the Royal wedding. The defendants didn’t like that and made remarks about the Queen. Hence she becomes a target. The documents express their hatred of her. With this arsenal of weapons it is obvious they were intent upon serious violence. The intended target is Joss Stone — their intention was to rob and kill her.”

The two flatmates, from Longsight, Manchester, had discovered details of Stone’s previous residence from an episode of MTV’s Cribs programme. They were spotted outside her home around a month before the arrests were made. Once in Devon, on the day of the arrest, the pair used a photo of Joss to try and get directions to her home, from a postman. They ended up in Collumpton, seven miles away. Suspicious local residents phoned the police, subsequently resulting in their arrest, after a number of incriminating items were found in the car, including a lock-knife, a balaclava, a map, a metal spike, a hammer, black bags and gaffer tape. 

Joss Stone
Joss Stone: found herself at the centre of a murder plot, because of her connection to the royal family