British singer Joss Stone is urging her fans to donate to a campaign to send a sick young boy to Boston, Massachusetts to receive specialist treatment for a brain tumour.

The You Had Me hitmaker has taken to her page to highlight the plight of seven-year-old Alexander Novakovic, who needs expert medical help in his health battle.

In a post on her page, she writes, "A seven year old boy needs our help! He's called Alexander and he has a stage 4 brain tumour, theres (sic) a waiting list for the treatment he needs in the Uk but he won't survive the wait. His parents need to raise £220,000 in two weeks to get him to Boston where there's an opening. Please donate to help them reach their target! Or if you can't please share this post to others, lets (sic) get there word out there and help little Alexander."

Stone's fans flocked to back the drive, and the singer has taken to her page once again to thank them for their support.

She adds, "Thank you to everyone that made a donation or shared the link. We have so much power when we unite for good."