Review of Country Mouse Album by Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse
Country Mouse, City House
Album Review

Josh Rouse Country Mouse Album

It is hard to tell, throughout this disc, if those are bass drum beats, or the sound of the musicians falling asleep and hitting the floor. A lazy, not-even-half hearted toss-off of an album that continues Josh Rouse's decline from once-great singer-songwriter debutant, through commercially successful pap pop, into the sludgey hyperglycaemic sound of no-one involved caring a jot.

Rouse's earlier success allowed him to indulge his easy listening side, as well as move to Spain. And this sound is the sound of mañana - "when do you need the record? Tomorrow? Absolutely, it'll be ready by then" prompting some 'that'll do' songwriting for the 9 tracks that hold the two ends of this album apart. Unfortunately, any creative gift he once displayed is lost as the wedding lounge singer Rouse takes front and centre once again. Avoid at all costs, unless you're the kind of soul who really really liked Elton's remake of Candle In The Wind.


Mike Rea

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