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Josh Rouse Subtitulo Album

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The sound of a songwriter treading water (probably in his swimming pool in Spain between glasses of Sangria), Subtitulo unfortunately comes from the same man who, earlier in his career, was able to generate painfully gorgeous songs like Late Night Conversation.

However, the success of the tossed-off 1972 and Nashville pop albums has obviously convinced him that 'throwaway' is what the public wants. Here, Subtitulo doesn't even aim for quantity, clocking in at 33 minutes, that might, just might, have taken 34 minutes to write. If Jack Johnson's 'laid back guitar guy' is a touch too raw and inventive for you (ahem), Subtitulo will be right up your street.

It is terrible to hear a songwriter of Rouse's quality chasing the dollar in a direction away from his remarkable talent.

Rating 5/10

Mike Rea

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