Josh Groban spent hours stranded in a plane on a runway on Monday (18Mar13) after bad weather delayed take-off.

The singer took to on Monday evening to tell fans of his travel nightmare, revealing he had been sitting in the jet for several hours as the crew waited for the snow showers to ease.

He wrote, "On plane waiting to take off for hours. Apparently there's something called 'snow pellets' making things 'difficult' for me to be 'happy'."

Groban later explained fellow singer Ke$ha was also among those stuck on the aircraft, and he asked fans to send him positive thoughts to help get his journey underway: "The good news is that (Ke$ha) is here with a cat and the guy in front of me just said 'I met with a Mexican doctor to change my Dna'!... I'd give anything for a bowl of corn and peas right now.

"Still waiting to take off... Alright let's get this choo choo (plane) off the ground. Everyone please bow your heads and send the pilot good flight juju (spells)..."

He later suggested the flight was finally getting underway, adding, "Ok the pilot has the whole plane counting down from 300. Odd but at least we'll be airborne soon... 234! 233! 232!! Turning phone off!! So long!"