Josh Brolin was involved in a drunken bar fight on Friday (1st November). The Gangster Squad actor was spotted by patrons of O'Brien's Irish Pub in Santa Monica. He was captured on film and is clearly drunk, almost unable to stand independently.

Josh Brolin
Josh Brolin at the premiere of Labour Day in London.

Brolin appears to have been irritated at the bouncers for closing up the bar, at the unreasonable time of 2am. One bouncer attempted to point the American Gangster actor away from the bars but refused to be moved. A fight ensues with Brolin flailing his arms around and bouncing on the balls of his feet to the amusement of onlookers.

TMZ obtained footage of the drunken actor. The video is over two minutes long and shows Brolin wrestling with a bouncer who is in no mood to fight. Another bouncer intervenes and attempts to create some distance between the fighting men. One bouncer can be saying "Don't be an idiot" to Brolin. Later, the bouncer trick Brolin by telling him "We were just hugging." Brolin is so inebriated he believes the bouncer wholeheartedly and give the man a huge hug! 

Footage, obviously filmed on the road outside the bar, shows the bouncer supporting Brolin whilst flagging down a taxi. Everyone seems willing to help the 45-year-old actor but the bouncer waves them away. Brolin sees his chance to escape the clutches of the bouncer and runs off a short way but is quickly caught again. More hugging ensues. 

Watch Josh Brolin's drunken brawl:

The entertainment website also caught Brolin a little earlier on. The actor was videoed screaming at a taxi driver after rear-ending a cab in a drive through. Brolin was waiting to pay at a drive through (tacos - in case you were wondering) when he grazed the bumper of the cab in front.  It seems the cab driver chose not to file a report, even though Brolin screamed "you suck as a taxi driver" at him.

As TMZ reports, Brolin isn't terribly good at handling his drink. He was arrested in Shreveport in Lousiana whilst shooting W. in 2008. The actor was arrested alongside fellow star Jeffrey Wright and five other members of the cast. More recently the actor was arrested on New Year's Day 2013 for public intoxication.

 Josh Brolin
Josh Brolin has been arrested on more than one occaison for public intoxication.