Hollywood actor Josh Brolin was involved in an altercation with a taxi driver after colliding with his car at a Los Angeles drive-through restaurant on Friday (01Nov13), just a day before he had a bust-up at a bar.

The No Country for Old Men star was filmed scuffling with a security guard at O'Brien's Irish Pub in Santa Monica, California, after he was asked to leave at closing time on Saturday (02Nov13), and it has now emerged he also clashed with a taxi driver the previous day.

The actor reportedly accidentally rear-ended a cab on Friday while waiting to pay at a fast-food drive-through, and when the fellow motorist attempted to swap insurance details, Brolin began insisting his car only suffered a minor scratch.

In the video published on Tmz.com, Brolin can be seen swearing and screaming at man, saying, "You suck as a cab driver" before leaving the scene.