Josephine's track 'Portrait' is was inspired by 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'.

The singer was moved to write the track by Oscar Wilde's novel, which tells of a hedonistic young man who never ages physically himself, although a portrait of him does.

Josephine exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I had seen the film of saw 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' and it got me thinking about this alter ego and a very literal portrait of what we could all be without certain influences on our lives.

''It kind of then turned into what kind of influences do we have on our lives today that we didn't before, so the TV, internet, mobile technology and all these things. It turned into that really, a portrait of what we'd be like without all these things.''

Josephine - full name Josephine Oniyama - released her debut album, also called 'Portrait' last year, but can't wait to start work on her second record.

She added: ''This year I really want to write another album, because that's what really opens doors to everything else, in terms of live performances, going around the world and just keeping on in music. So my real goal is to get that completed.

''I'm not nervous about making it, I have great faith in the people I work with, and them in me. Leo Abrahams, my producer, is great and has a wealth of

ideas. All I feel strongly about is getting as many lyrics down as possible, so I've got plenty to choose from.''

Josephine will perform a special showcase for Music Unlimited from Sony Entertainment Network with Wild Swim and Duologue as well as house music innovators, Futureboogie at Red Bull Studios tonight (22.02.13).

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