Review of In The Labyrinth EP by Josephine Oniyama

Review of Josephine Oniyama's EP 'In The Labyrinth'

Josephine Oniyama In The Labyrinth EP

When I first heard tracks from 'In The Labyrinth' I truly thought this talented lass was from America. It's clear there's many American influences here like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan as well as African influences like Tracy Chapman and Fela Kutti but she's from Manchester would you believe! It seems strange for a sound like this coming from Manchester. It has country, pop, jazz and folk all in the mix. Josephine Oniyama sings in a unique way that is soulful and very folksy. It creates an interesting sound that I think some people will really like. It has a cool edge to it yet it's very accessible. 'Pepper Shaker' for example has the same passion that Tracy Chapman oozes and upbeat music to get people shaking their head at a festival. Josephine Oniyama is definitely talented and has the right band to create an uplifting sound that is original. All good really for this debut.

Tareck Ghoneim

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