Today marks the launch of CW’s brand new Vampire Diaries, The Originals. Throughout the course of TVD, the supernatural world of Damon, Elena and the rest of the show’s characters has taken on a life of its own and part of that has been introducing the Original family – a powerful clan of vampires. The plot will thicken as viewers learn more about Klaus’ protégé Marcel and the budding struggle for the New Orleans throne. It’s going to be an intense storyline, but for star Joseph Morgan, that’s part of the fun of it – starting out fresh, with nothing but a story, and building a devoted following from there.

Joseph Morgan, CW New York Upfront Presentation
Joseph Morgan is eager to get the show going.

"We can't rely on Nina [Dobrev], Ian [Somerhalder] and Paul [Wesley] anymore," he says for E!News. "We've got to promote this show because if we don't then no one will! So yeah there's definitely the feeling that it's ours, but with that responsibility, it's also more satisfying. Because I jumped onto a show that was already a huge success. And I know that we're going to take some of that success...I hope. Actually we're going to take all of their success and leave them with no success!"

The Vampire Diaries Cast, CW Upfront Party
The actors are excited for the fresh start away from the success of The Vampire Diaries.

But just because there’s plenty of competition with TVD, that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing within the show itself. Just like Morgan’s character, the powerful vampire Klaus, will be challenged by his protégé Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Bearing this in mind, does Morgan himself anticipate a rivalry for the affection of Originals fans?

"I don't think he's a bad guy at all," Davis says of his character Marcel." I hope the audience gets to know and understand and love him...I'm pretty confident you will love me."

"He's so charming, that's his way," Morgan says later in the interview about his co-star. "We shouldn't have done these interviews together. We shouldn't be sitting side by side!"

Sounds like a bit of friendly (or not so friendly, for the two characters) rivalry brewing. But before Davis and Morgan can win fans allegiances for one of the two camps, they will first have to win them for the show. The Originals kicks off at 9pm ET/PT.

Charles Michael Davis, iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party
For Davis, this is a long awaited opportunity.