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Picture - Joseph Mawle - Moet British... London United Kingdom, Sunday 7th December 2014

Joseph Mawle - Moet British Independent Film Awards held at Old Billingsgate - Arrivals. at Old Billingsgate - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 7th December 2014

In The Heart of The Sea - Teaser Trailer

In August of 1819, The Essex set sail from New England. The whaling ship set out beyond the edges of the map to hunt in unknown waters. What the 21-man crew discovered, was far from what they could ever have imagined. A sperm whale - absolutely gigantic and hell-bent on destroying their comparatively tiny ship. While battling the demon of a sea beast, the ship was destroyed, and many of the crew were killed. As the few survivors struggled to find land and make their way back to South America, they faced a harrowing adventure, and fought insanity, storms, starvation and despair. All with the great whale fresh in their minds. The crew referred to it as Moby Dick.

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Half of a Yellow Sun Review

By trying to include an entire acclaimed novel on-screen, first-time filmmaker Biyi Bandele waters down momentous real-life events. The film is fascinating enough to hold our attention as it traces the first decade of Nigeria's independence, but the human drama at the centre never feels like much more than a soap opera.

The story starts in 1960 Lagos, as Nigeria proudly declares independence and looks to a bright future as Africa's largest, most prosperous nation. At the centre are twin sisters educated in America and Britain: Olanna (Thandie Newton) decides against working in the government, travelling north to teach at university; Kainene (Anika Noni Rose) moves east to manage their father's business. But it's their love lives that define them. Olanna falls for colleague Odenigbo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), whose Mama (Onyeka Onwenu) treats her as if she's a witch. Meanwhile, Kainene has a passionate affair with married Englishman Richard (Joseph Mawle). And both of their relationship struggles are echoed in Nigeria's violent birth pangs.

The film is punctuated with newsreel footage from the period, which adds to the authentic production design. The 1960s are recreated on-screen with an attention to detail from the bustling village streets to the stylish Mad Men-like sophistication of upper-class sitting rooms. Indeed, the focus is on the contrast between locals caught in ethnic and religious traditions and the foreign-educated progressive thinkers. So it's no wonder that the country experiences a series of violent coups, ethnic cleansing and a hideous civil war.

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Picture - Joseph Mawle - Marie Claire... London United Kingdom, Tuesday 17th September 2013

Joseph Mawle - Marie Claire 25th birthday celebration featuring Icons of our Time in association with The Outnet at the Cafre Royal Hotel London - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 17th September 2013

Joseph Mawle
Joseph Mawle

Shell Review

With a remarkably vivid sense of life in rural Scotland, this tightly contained drama is an impressive debut for writer-director Graham. There isn't much dialog, and yet the filmmaker is able to evoke a strong sense of internal urgency within the characters. And in the demanding title role, newcomer Pirrie is magnetic.

Shell (Pirrie) is a 17-year-old girl who lives with her father Pete (Mawle) at their roadside petrol garage in the middle of nowhere along a highway through the Highlands. Devoted to caring for her dad, who has epilepsy, Shell knows all the customers, including a slightly too-friendly businessman (Smiley) who travels through here regularly. And Pete and Shell are willing to help stranded travellers, such as a couple (Dickie and Hickey) that needs help when they run into a deer on the road. Meanwhile, nice local guy Adam (De Caestecker) wants to take Shell away from here, but the thought of that triggers slightly too-affectionate feelings about her dad.

The film is a marvel of tiny details, as Shell and Pete communicate without the need for many words. And Graham's cameras capture every sideways glance, hint of a smile, light touch and uncomfortable scowl to let us see how isolated this father and daughter are from the rest of civilisation. This style of interaction creates tension that sometimes feels rather dangerous. For example, after Pete takes a trip into town, Shell sniffs him like a jealous wife. Yes, these are raw performances that are often unnerving. And since we see everything through Pirrie's expressive, haunted, hopeful eyes, we can't help but be drawn into her world.

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The Cold Light Of Day Trailer

Will Shaw is a young Wall Street trader, who comes from a well off family. One summer, they all decide to holiday in Spain, on their yacht. Will meets them at the airport and they head to their boat together.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer

As a boy, Abraham Lincoln learns from his father, Thomas, that vampires are real. Worse still, it was vampires that took the life of Abe's mother, Nancy, rather than 'milk sickness' as he previously believed. The news, understandably, shocks Abraham, who vows to avenge his mother and hunt down and kill vampires.

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The Awakening Trailer

After the traumatic events of the First World War, many devastated people are turning to the supernatural, in particular, the ghosts of loved ones. Unfortunately, many of the grief stricken are being conned by swindlers looking to make quick money. Florence Cathcart is a woman who exposes these frauds for what they really are. Her book on the subject is a bestseller, making her well known all over the country.

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Made In Dagenham Trailer

In 1960's England, there wasn't such a thing as womens rights in the workplace, for the most part they were treated as an underclass. Working for less pay was just one of the pitfalls of working as a woman.

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Heartless Trailer

Watch the trailer for Heartless

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