As a first time feature film writer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt certainly didn't opt for the easy option. His screenplay Don Jon's Addiction (which directed and starred) is about a man who prefers porn to real women, before he starts a journey of self discovery. Without plumping for just one stereotypical view of the objectifying man, the movie also explores the unnatural and synthetic ideas about love and sex that women hold as well. Speaking to USA Today he praises his mother for the film. 

"She said she loved it, which means the world to me," he says. "She read the script, but she hadn't seen any of the cuts. You know a lot of what's in this movie is stuff that I learned from her. She... always brought me up to not look at women for their bodies and stuff. So that's the numero uno person that I wanted to like the movie." 

Returning to working with Gordon-Levitt is Tony Danza, with whom he worked in the 1994 movie Angels in the Outfield. Danza plays the father of the lead in the movie and has nothing but good things to say about Gordon-Levitt. "[H]e's so good in the movie," He said. "I met him when he was 12 when we did Angels in the Outfield. I'm always rooting for him. He's the real deal."