How much more proof do you need that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is becoming one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood? Not only are his acting roles equaling cash galore for studios, but it appears that his talents behind the camera are set to be equally lucrative for the ascendant star.

Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon’s Addiction – which he wrote and directed – was shown at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend and was then promptly snapped up by Relativity Media who paid $4 million to develop the film. Focused around a character called Jon – who is addicted to pornography – the film explores how his lust for it has ruined his desire for intimacy, and how he realizes that when he meets Scarlett Johansson’s character, who is obsessed by romance and Hollywood love films, and a frail widow played by Julianne Hough.

The film has received warm reviews at Sundance, according to The Guardian, with Gordon-Levitt himself commenting on the film to Reuters: "I wasn't really focused on porn or porn addiction” he said. “It was really, to me, more of a metaphor. It is astonishing how prevalent it is in our culture today." The star also said that he found inspiration for the film’s humor on social networking. "If you go on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and you look at the humor on there, you might call it smutty, you might call it raunchy, but there's also a sort of honesty to it," he commented.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was one of the breakout stars of 2012, is that going to translate to 2013 too?