Joesph Gordon-Levitt shines in the upcoming comedy 'Don Jon' which already has received unanimously positive reviews from screenings at the 'Sundance Film Festival' on January 18th 2013 and more recently at the 'Toronto Film Festival' on Septmber 10th 2013.

don jon
'Don Jon' stars Joseph Gordon Levitt and Scarlett Johansson

What makes this more impressive is that the 32 year-old establishes himself as one of Hollywood's most versatile talents, a triple threat talent to be exact- as well as being the star of the movie, he also wrote and directed it.

His directorial debut sees the child actor star as a buffed up womaniser called Jon Martello Jr. The handsome and charming Jon is known by friends as 'Don Jon' for his ability to have any girl he wants, but this is all about to change.

Now time to introduce Barbara Sugarman, the women who intends to tame the bachelor and is played by one of Hollywood's hottest females, Scarlett Johansson. Barbara is effortlessly flawless and unnecessarily blunt- a perfect match for the 'Don' of the town, but one thing stops their romance from blossoming into true love, Martello's obsession with pornography.

Watch 'Don Jon' trailer here

Gordon-Levitt's film isn't as 'out there' as it may sound, there is a message inside 'Don Jon' and the 'Inception' actor wanted to portray how media can alter our expectations in ways that aren't ever going to be fulfilled. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly he said, "I wanted to talk about how media influenced people's expectations".

The title character is obsessed with the world of X-rated pornography whereas Johansson's character is captivated by Hollywood romantic-comedies. He told EW "Pornography is a huge, huge part of our media culture. . Whether it's rated X or approved by the FCC to sell Doritos, the message is the same".

don jon premiere
'Don Jon' cast at the New York premiere

Critics have heavily praised the first time director with Owen Gleiberman from Entertainment Weekly saying, "Gordon-Levitt proves a natural filmmaker, nimbly staging Jon's highly amusing Catholic confessions, along with porn montages that mimic the dopamine-charged editing of Requiem for a Dream".

Marshall Fine of Hollywood & Fine agrees as he thought is was "Not just good for a film directed by an actor or a first-timer - it's a solid, entertaining film. Period".

It seems that the Batman actor executed a grade-A directorial debut and achieves his vision of portraying the influences different media outlets have on relationships and society in general.

'Don Jon' hits theatres this Friday on September 27th 2013.