Joseph Gordon-Levitt is already known as one of the most multitalented individuals in Hollywood today, but what many people may not know about the actor, writer and director is that he strongly believes in "feminism."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is proud to be a feminist

However, the 33 year-old star recently became rather agitated when learning that other high-profile celebrities have publically stated that they are "not" feminists.

"Wow. I guess I'm not aware of that," he said in a recent Daily Beast interview. "What that means to me is that you don't let your gender define who you are-you can be who you want to be, whether you're a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, whatever. However you want to define yourself, you can do that and should be able to do that, and no category ever really describes a person because every person is unique."

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The 'Inception' actor adamantly stated that he would "absolutely" consider himself a feminist, before he explained, "If you look at history, women are an oppressed category of people. There's a long, long history of women suffering abuse, injustice, and not having the same opportunities as men, and I think that's been very detrimental to the human race as a whole. I'm a believer that if everyone has a fair chance to be what they want to be and do what they want to do, it's better for everyone. It benefits society as a whole."

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Gordon-Levitt can be next seen in the forthcoming 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.'