Joseph Gordon-Levitt has already shown he is a jack of all trades by writing, directing and starring in this year's huge romantic comedy 'Don Jon'.

Deadline reports, the multi-talented actor is being recognised for his versatile work ethic and is close to secure a deal to star, produce and possibly direct an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman'.

The adaptation of the comic book will be made by Warner Bros., and David Goyer, who has written the treatment, will be joining Levitt as a producer.

'Sandman' exists in a world of darkness and fantasy with the main protagonist, which Levitt may play, being the personification of dreams who is known as 'Morpheus'.

After being held captive for 70 years, 'Morpheus' escapes into modern day and gets revenge on the people who trapped him.

In his absence his kingdom has slowly fallen apart so 'Morpheus' sets out to rebuild it while trying to adapt to the present times.

The book has been credited with attracting a non-comic fans from intellectual and art worlds, winning over audiences who are not familiar with comic brands.

It also kicked off DC's Vertigo imprint and has collected numerous awards since its publication.

Gordon-Levitt isn't new to comic-book adaptations as he starred in Warner Bros., 'Dark Knight Rises' and towards the end of the Batman flick, he looked as though he would be Christian Bale's successor for the Batsuit.

However, the film studios have gone a different route with hiring Ben Affleck to play the 'Dark Knight' in the forthcoming 'Batman Vs. Superman.'

Warner Bros., is wanting to push Levitt into a major role as they have already cast him in 'Inception' and the Batfilm, the 32 year-old could be the lead in an original franchise and launch a fantasy universe that is near limitless in the stories it could tell.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt be the star of the 'Sandman' adaptation?