Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing a thing! It involves the internet and Sundance, so it goes without saying that everyone should be pretty excited. The thing in question is Gordon-Levitt’s innovative crowd-sourced show HitRecord on TV, which includes skits, musical numbers, short films, stories and animations that were generously donated by users of HitRecord – the online platform that the actor/producer/all-round excellent person has been developing since 2005. The site launched officially in 2010 and today has over 300,000 users.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Don Jon Premiere
That little red button he's always wearing?

The first three episodes premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday, January 17, Rolling Stone reports. Besides loads of talented collaborators, the show also features JGL as the host, doing practically everything. The creator also lays piano and drums, tap-dances a musical number with Tony Danza, writes and sings song lyrics, is abducted by an alien Carla Gugino, interviews John Waters and does a backflip. You know, standard stuff. He also does it with his unwavering sunny disposition, which is always a plus.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Don Jon Paris Premiere
It's a record button, get it?

Tonight, the show will premiere on Pivot TV, but last night Gordon-Levitt gave the first three series the ultimate themed intro: “"This is the Netflix experience: The binge watch!” The show itself is a bit like the internet, presented in an old-school variety format. For each episode, Gordon-Levitt puts out a theme, the first three being “One”, “Fantasy” and “Trash” and then poses specific questions for viewers/creators to consider. Sometimes there are celebrity collaborators, from Elle Fanning, who acts out the story of a woman with failing vision, to John Waters, who talks about trash culture, and his Don Jon co-star Tony Danza. What makes this production truly original, however, is that the focus always stays on the user-generated content. In short, this is one to look out for.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Now that is some clever marketing.