Get a good look at the below, everybody. It's only the first still be released from the forthcoming Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring Don Jon!

Don Jon

The first still from porn-based drama Don Jon

The film, formerly called Don Jon's Addiction, sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt star as a confident, self-assured man who comfortably manages to attract and get with almost any beautiful woman he chooses. However, his pulling power is severely hindered by an addiction to porn and, dissatisfied at his constant urge for instant sexual gratification, he attempts to embark on something more serious, learning plenty about the ways of love and relationships through two different women, played by Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore respectively.

The film marks the directorial debut of Gordon-Levitt - he also wrote the script for the movie - and was snapped up for $4 million by Relativity Media after it was aired at the film industry's traditional market festival Sundance. "I wasn't really focused on porn or porn addiction” he said to Reuters about it “It was really, to me, more of a metaphor. It is astonishing how prevalent it is in our culture today." The film is also set to air at the film festival part of this week's South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, with a full release date yet to be revealed.