Futuristic action thriller Looper was released on DVD and Blu Ray on New Years Eve. Now, we can understand you not rushing out to buy it while you were busy blowing up balloons, calling your friends and deciding what to wear on NYE, but if you haven't picked it up yet, here are five reasons why you have to.

DVD Extras (Including Amazing Animated Trailer)

Alright, we'll admit it: DVD extras are never that good, and you can usually catch them on YouTube without shelling out. But hear us out. With deleted scenes, and a mini-doc that guides us through the film's fantastic score, they're probably worth sitting through once you've given the film its 5th run. Here are the features in full, as well as a peak at the animated trailer, which will look much better on your trillion megapixel, thousand inch TV. We promise. 

        - Feature commentary by director Rian Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt

        - Featurettes: "Looper: From the Beginning" , "Scoring Looper"

        - 4 deleted scenes with commentary by Rian Johnson and Noah Segan

        - Looper animated trailer (below)

Action, Thriller, Love Story, Sci-Fi Adventure? It's All of Them

If you want a DVD/Blu Ray sitting on your shelf that could satisfy even the fussiest of film fans, then this is your #1 choice. Primarily a sci-fi thriller, Looper's story could be difficult for a movie-novice-, but it's a gorgeous film, with excellently choreographed action scenes and perfectly crafted dialogue. It'll keep anyone entertained. 

Joseph Gordon Levitt's face looks weird

The fact that this has come third in our 5 reasons should suggest just how odd Gordon Levitt's face is in this film. A transformation takes place to make him look and sound more like his co-star, Bruce Willis (slight spoiler there for eagle eyed readers who haven't seen it yet). "There's nothing digital. It's prosthetic make-up, three hours every morning in the chair, which isn't the most comfortable thing in the world," explained Joseph to STV. Anyway it's weird so check it out. 

Cult Status Due in Approximately 14 Years

Re-releases and special editions will come and go, but owning the original copy of a film that achieves cult status is a rare and special thing. Anyone got their VHS tape of Blade Runner knocking about? Thought not. We don't think Looper can reach the iconic strata that Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic enjoys, but come 2020, it'll certainly be talking about in a 'best films of the decade' conversation. 

It's Really Good

The best reason to grab Looper on DVD, of course, is that it's an excellent film. A 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with reviews calling it a "highflying, super-stylish science-fiction thriller that brings a fresh approach to mind-bending genre material" (LA Times) and "a thought-provoking, heart-pounding take on the applications and ethics of time travel," (Film4), all the evidence you need to coolly place your digital versatile video of Looper on your shelf is abundant. U.K fans, you've until the 28th of Jan to make up your mind; U.S fans, it's out!