Jose Canseco stands accused of rape, with the Major League Baseball All-Star being accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met whilst in Las Vegas. His former girlfriend, Leila Knight, says the whole thing is bogus though, and thinks that the claim is nothing more that a cheap publicity stunt.

Knight, who was with Canseco for four years, told TMZ on Thursday (May 23) that she has her ex have spoken at length about the incident and after listening to what he has to say and having known him for some time, she reckons that the whole thing is a rouse just for the accuser to make a quick buck and have her 15 minutes of fame. Knight said, "I've been talking to him all day ... it's obvious that it's a publicity stunt, I mean -- the girl's an aspiring actress."

Canseco has vehemently denied all charges brought against him, and Knight says that she is convinced that he is telling the truth. Knight went on to say that the former Baseball star is a "gentle person" who "If anything [is] too honest."

The alleged incident, that was also first reported about by TMZ, stems from the night of May 10, however the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department only received their statement from the accuser this week. Following his arrest, the 48-year-old ex-baseballer wrote on his Twitter, "[The accuser] told police that I druged [sic] her and then raped her. hmmmmm. lets find out what really happened."

Jose Canseco
Jose Canseco has denied all charges brought against him 

Jose Canseco
His longtime girlfriend has his back.