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Garcia Heading To Alcatraz

Former LOST star JORGE GARCIA is preparing to head to another island in a new drama based on America's legendary Alcatraz prison.The actor starred in...

Garcia's Dog Killed By Car

LOST star JORGE GARCIA is heartbroken after his beloved dog Nunu was run over by a car.The actor, who recently finished his stint on the...


Garcia's 'Teary' Lost Farewell

LOST star JORGE GARCIA was overcome with emotion as he wrapped the hit series, admitting he "got a little teary" saying farewell to co-star MATTHEW...

The Things They Say 16399

"Evie (Evangeline Lilly) threw a huge party the week before we finished... Jimmy Buffett crashed it. It was kinda odd... (but) he's island-themed too... There's...

Lost Star Garcia Considers A Return To Stand-up

LOST star JORGE GARCIA has hinted he may leave the smash-hit programme to return to his roots - as a stand-up comedian. The Chilean actor...

Garcia Pulled Blog Over Security Fears

LOST star JORGE GARCIA was forced to pull the plug on his Internet blog because his bosses feared he'd give away the show's plot. Production...

Holloway Wants To Cuddle Co-star Garcia

LOST star JOSH HOLLOWAY would choose his meaty co-star JORGE GARCIA if he had to sleep with one of his male cast members - because...

Garcia Shrinks To Fit Action Figure

Larger-than-life LOST star JORGE GARCIA is thrilled he is being turned into an action figure - although he's disappointed the makers wouldn't let him change...

Garcia's Surprise At Sex Symbol Status

Larger-than-life LOST actor JORGE GARCIA is enjoying his new found status as a sex symbol, even if he never expected to be a hit with...

The Wedding Ringer Review

An unapologetically silly movie that manages to hit the right notes, this free-wheeling comedy makes up for its corny premise with sharp writing and acting. And as it keeps the audience laughing, it's also quietly finding some rather intriguing things to say about masculinity in American society. Thankfully, preaching a message is never this film's intention. And both Kevin Hart and Josh Gad bring so much charm and energy to their roles that they instantly become a movie duo we'd like to see together again and again.

Gad plays Doug, the nervous groom preparing for his wedding to Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), a girl far hotter than he ever imagined he'd get for a wife. But Doug has no friends who are willing to be his best man and groomsmen, so he turns to his wedding planner (Serricchio) for help getting in touch with an underground service that provides them. Enter Jimmy (Hart), the fast-talking, quick-thinking best man for hire who assembles a hilariously rag-tag group of "friends" as groomsmen. As they indulge in some condensed bonding so they can convince everyone they're best pals, these guys actually begin to have fun together. And Doug begins to hope that maybe this isn't just a professional partnership.

Yes, what we have here is a bromance between Doug and Jimmy, two friendless guys who discover that maybe together they can change their lives. Filmmaker Jeremy Garelick never tries to obscure the standard rom-com structure, and the simple plot is utterly predictable, but there are surprising currents of comedy and emotion running everywhere. Hart and Gad manage to bring out all kinds of riotous humour, underlying insecurities and general comic mayhem in each scene. Hart's cocky run-on dialogue is hilarious, and matched perfectly by Gad's gung-ho physicality. But even more intriguing are the darker layers beneath the silly surface. And everything is livened up by a raucously ridiculous supporting cast, including veterans Ken Howard and Mimi Rogers as Gretchen's too-intense parents and an underused Cloris Leachman as her bedraggled granny.

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The Wedding Ringer - Alternative Trailer

The Wedding Ringer

Let's All Get Some Closure on 'Lost' - Bosses Answer Finale Questions

Tags: Evangeline Lilly - Matthew Fox - Jorge Garcia

Amidst The Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Dexter, there was Lost – a worthy entry into the pantheon of box set TV shows, but for entirely different reasons. The premise intrigued fans – a downed plane on a tropical island, with mysterious goings on. But soon the 6-season epic moved into the realms of spirituality, and more than polarized its fan base with its notoriously ambiguous ending.


This has become the stuff of Internet folklore, to the point where people don’t care about spoilers, and will happily mock the ‘it was all a dream’ ending without fully realizing what it actually meant. The trouble is, no one really knew what Lost’s ending meant, until now. Damon LIndelof and Carlton Cuse – the show’s big bosses – finally faced fans following that final episode back in 2010.

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Picture - Jorge Garcia - Celebrities attend... Los Angeles California United States, Sunday 16th March 2014

Jorge Garcia - Celebrities attend 2014 PaleyFest presentation of 'Lost' 10th Anniversary Reunion at The Dolby Theatre - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 16th March 2014

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