Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo try not to spend more than two weeks apart.

The 24-year-old singers have been dating for two years and fly all over the world to maintain their relationship.

She explained: ''We try not to go no longer than two weeks without seeing each other. If we can make it happen, we fly to each other.''

Despite being madly in love and Jason recently penning a song called 'Marry Me' about her, Jordin insists they have no plans to tie the knot in the near future.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''We talk about marriage, but we're in a really good place right now.''

Jordin helped 'Talk Dirty' hitmaker Jason recover after he broke his neck a couple of years ago, and the pair decided to get matching tattoos in order to symbolise their closeness.

Jason previously said: ''Jordin and I both have the same tattoo, saying 'more than yesterday' and it means I love you more than yesterday, and also means I strive to be more than yesterday.''