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Mirror Mirror Review

Both lavishly produced and light-hearted in tone, this fractured fairy tale aspires to be The Princess Bride, and actually gets it right from time to time.

While it's too uneven and corny to be a classic, it's still a lot of fun.

After the King disappears, his daughter Snow White (Collins) is raised by her conniving step-mother (Roberts), who plots with her right-hand man (Lane) to steal the kingdom from Snow. Then handsome Prince Alcott (Hammer) arrives and shakes things up, immediately falling for Snow, which sends the queen into even crazier fits of jealousy. She sends Snow into the woods to be eaten by a mythical beast, but Snow instead befriends a gang of dwarf bandits (Povinelli, Klebba, Saraceno, Prentice, Gnoffo and Woodburn), who teach her how to fight back.

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Mirror Mirror Trailer

We all know the tale of Snow White: the girl with hair as black as night and skin as white as snow but is that really the truth?

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Midgets Vs Mascots Review

Combining reality, improvisation and scripted scenes, this hybrid comedy aims for Borat/Bruno but only achieves Jackass/Dirty Sanchez status. It definitely has its moments, but simply isn't creative enough to be a classic.

After the death of Big Red (Howland), a legendary Texas sports mascot who later became a diminuitive pornstar, his son (Hapka) and widow (Powell) are told that, to get their money, they must stage a 30-day competition between midgets and mascots. So the two teams are assembled, and competing with on midget team is former child star Coleman, who one teammate calls the "Shaquille O'Neal of little people". With 30 events overseen by Big Red's assistant (Kotabe), the competition spirals increasingly out of control.

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In Bruges Review

The Bruges Chamber of Commerce should be delighted with at least part of Martin McDonagh's film In Bruges, as it provides an unprecedented and absolutely ravishing look at the architecture of this gorgeous Belgian town that appears to have been dropped into the 21st century from a pristine, fairy-tale version of the Middle Ages. They should be happy as a good number of people, after seeing the film, will be tempted to hop on the next flight to the little jewel box of a medieval village, all canals and pristinely preserved Gothic architecture. Such town boosters will be less delighted with other aspects of this dark-as-night comedy, in which a pair of hitmen hiding out in the town spend their time arguing over whether or not the town is, in fact, "a shithole." Later on, the guns come out, large quantities of blood are spilled, and a story that had been weaving a fairy-tale ambience up until that point turns into an entirely different kind of fairy tale -- one that doesn't exactly cater to tourists.

Writer/director McDonagh has dabbled in fairy tales before, in his grimly funny and ultraviolent stage plays like the Tarantino-esque The Lieutenant of Inishmore and, particularly, The Pillowman, which knocked Broadway audiences for a loop back in 2005 with its mix of bloody, Grimm-like Germanic storytelling and anonymous, Kafkaesque modernity. With his feature directorial debut (his short film, Six Shooter, won an Oscar in 2006), McDonagh takes his particular theatrical affinity for finding cockeyed laughs in horrendous situations and creates a precisely structured and knock-you-down hilarious comedy of violence with a film that (hopefully) announces a great new cinematic talent.

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Jordan Prentice

Jordan Prentice Quick Links

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Truth - Trailer

Truth - Trailer

This gripping true story is based on the 2005 memoirs of Mary Mapes entitled 'Truth and Duty'.


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