A Celtic partnership the likes of this hasn't been heard of since Van Morrison (Yes I know he's not Scottish) dueted with Tom Jones. Two giants of music from Scotland and Wales collaborating on a new project that will usher in "The advent of an irresistibly infectious new strain of psychedelic pop". Pairing up founding members from two very influential bands of the nineties sounds like a two headed super group that will have fans and record bosses salivating with unhealthy excitement.

Norman Blake's Teenage Fanclub have been delighting audiences and critics alike for two decades. With 9 studio albums behind them, including the very successful Grand Prix and Songs From Northern Britain, as well as a host of fellow musicians who have either been influenced by them or simply admired their songs, Teenage Fanclub are held in very high regard. Euros Child's Gorky's Zygotic Mynci may not have had quite the same commercial success but they were nevertheless influential in their own right and they too had their fair share of champions, John Peel among them.

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