Jonah Hill is house-hunting in New York because Los Angeles is "too mellow".

The comic actor was born and raised in LA but he has gotten bored of the city and wants to relocate to the 'Big Apple' because it is so bustling and exciting.

Jonah - who stars in new movie 'The Sitter, in which he plays an irresponsible babysitter - said: "I live in LA. I was born in LA. My folks are originally from New York, and I'm a first-generation Angeleno. I have friends there. A life there. But that town's too mellow. You can get wasted.

"So I'm moving to New York. I'm in New York this weekend with a broker looking for an apartment. In New York, I feel happy. There's constant excitement. I'm unmarried but with New York life - who knows? So I'm hunting a place to live. I want downtown."

The 27-year-old actor first shot to fame in comedies 'Knocked Up' and 'Superbad' but he insists his life has changed considerably since he starred in 'Moneyball' with Brad Pitt.

Jonah admits the baseball biopic about Oakland Athletics baseball coach has raised his profile and he also got some invaluable advice from his co-star Brad.

He told the New York Post newspaper: "What put me on the map, a cosmic shift, was 'Moneyball'. I didn't know much about baseball ... but when I got the role I immersed myself in The Game, watched it constantly. I lived baseball for six months. Now, suddenly, people are starting to be interested in my personal life.

"Brad was inspiring. Told me to try for an eclectic career not just a one-type role. We spent so much time together that I asked for advice. He's a vet, I'm a rookie. I asked questions and he answered with, 'Don't take the easy road. Make your choices interesting. Don't get typecast.' "