Jonah Hill plans to sleep for three weeks.

The '21 Jump Street' actor is dreaming of a break but has several projects in the pipeline, so intends to use any free time he has in between films to catch up on his rest.

He said: ''For now I'm focussing on work.

''Next is 'True Story.' Brad Pitt's producing. I play a newspaper writer whom James Franco impersonates. A drama. Not my usual comedy stuff. It films in upstate New York this summer.

''In between there's three weeks off. I plan to sleep. To tell you the truth, even if it's just one weekend, what I plan on doing is sleeping.''

Jonah, 29, is so busy he can't even find the time to move into his new house.

He said: ''I'd told you I was moving to New York, where my folks are originally from. I feel happy in New York life, a town with constant excitement. I'm unmarried, so who knows?

''But I was born in LA, which is so mellow that you can get wasted - but I'm on the road constantly travelling. And there was the Oscar nomination.

''Also, I just built a house out there. So I want to move but can't yet.''

Despite his success - including an Oscar nomination for 'Moneyball' - Jonah admits he never watches his own films back and doesn't even own copies of his work.

He told the New York Post newspaper: ''I watch once. I'm done seeing them after the premiere. And I don't keep them. My parents keep everything.''