Jonah Hill, Interview

Interview with Jonah Hill

Interview with Jonah Hill

We speak with Jonah Hill about his role in Nicholas Stoller's latest film Get Him To The Greek. The film is released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on November 1st 2010 and also stars Russell Brand.

What are your memories of shooting here at the Greek Theatre?

It was great. I grew up in Los Angeles, so I'm a native. I saw a lot of my favourite concerts here such as Radiohead when I was 16. This is a very dreamlike situation for me.

So it was like a concert when you were shooting here?

Yeah there were 1500 extras. Diddy and I were backstage and Russell was on stage - so it was very surreal.

He makes a pretty good rock star?

I think the movie definitely wouldn't work unless you bought Russell as a rock star and if the music was just funny and not good rock and roll songs the movie would fall apart. I think Russell and the music really deliver to make the film feel authentic.

Tell me how your character has changed since "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" to this?

When Nick pitched the idea for this movie, it was clear Russell should play the same rock star he did in that film. It was very clear my character had to be different because although Matthew the waiter is funny, he is kind of a bizarre stalker guy and in this film had to represent the audience. You had to feel like you were seeing the world through his eyes and it's kind of the ultimate fantasy - who wouldn't want to party with their favourite rock star for three days straight?

Did you talk to anyone who is a minder or any record company people to prepare for the role?

I actually come from a music business family. My brother manages bands, he has a lot of good stories and my dad is an accountant for musicians. He was the tour accountant with all these wild bands like Guns and Roses when I was growing up. I grew up with all those stories and I definitely put that in the film.

So rock and roll could have been your career?

It's sort of the family business but I was always obsessed with film.

Did you get a chance to meet a lot of people when you were growing up then?

I didn't really get a chance to meet them because I don't think a lot of rock stars say, "Hey accountant will you please bring your infant son so I can meet him?" My dad definitely stayed clear of that lifestyle as do I in my business I definitely stay on the periphery in terms of the social element.

You had to play a character that had to party a lot - I presume that was not part of your experience in real life?

I was definitely acting. I was a lot wilder when I was 18 or 19 but now I'm 26 and I take my career very seriously. Now I like to hang with my loved ones and family and friends. I drew from my university days. No drugs but a lot of drinking.

Tell me about the camera they used on your head?

They actually call it a doggie cam and you have to strap the camera around your chest and hold the camera. It gives you this cool close up wide shot where you look all disorientated.

This character seems the most mature of the roles you have done. Do you agree?

I've only starred in one other movie and that was Superbad where I played a seventeen year old loud mouth obnoxious horny teenager which was appropriate for the movie. People assume I am like that which of course I'm not. I think this character of Aaron is the closest to who I am. Personally, he is a young good guy, ambitious, in a relationship and has a good heart.

Elisabeth Moss plays your girlfriend - why did they chemistry work so well with her?

A lot of great young actresses came in to read for the part. Nick and I were fans of Elisabeth from Mad Men. She is fantastic in that and was the only one that came in and felt you were in a relationship right off the bat. She is a phenomenal actress.

Tell me about Russell - is there just a natural chemistry between you?

I think Nick Stoller for some reason saw this bizarre funny chemistry between us and wanted to explore that in a movie where we were the two leads.

What do you think will surprise people about Russell in this movie?

I think people will be surprised that he is not just funny in the movie but he has a lot of depth to him and he is a good actor as well as hysterical.

What was Judd Apatow's involvement in this movie?

Judd is the producer of the movie. He is really good about it being Nick's film. Judd is great to give us a bubble of protection to make these movies how we want them but it's truly Nick's film.

Did you shoot a lot for the DVD?

Yeah we shot a lot and I think this will be the best DVD of all the ones I've shot for. There are so many funny extra scenes and there are a lot of extra songs and music videos. I think it will be a special DVD - lots of crazy stuff!


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