'Watching The Well' is an album written by Lamb bassist Jon Thorne. It is played by Jon Thorne and Pentangle bassist Danny Thompson, a man considered by Thorne to be his long term mentor. The pieces are to all intents and purposes instrumental and are divided into three separate movements, 'The Light That Guides', 'The Generous Heart' and finally 'The Tie That Binds'. Jon has produced the album as well as jointly collaborating to arrange both the strings and the choral parts to the album.

Watching The Well has obviously been given a great deal of care and attention from all involved. The detail and love which is evident throughout bare all the hallmarks of both keys contributors striving towards perfection. At times it can get a little involved and becomes more of a musicians musician appreciation society. The two incredibly skilled artists have combined many genres into the 12 tracks. Free Form Jazz, soft Folk, near Classical arrangements and instrumentation, Operatic vocalisations and even Electronica. The final result is an album of subtlety and absorption.

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