Jon Stewart, the soon-to-be former host of the Daily Show, has called out Seth Rollins after the WWE star described himself as "untouchable" and claimed he could take over Stewart's spot on the satirical news show and at the same time "make that thing actually watchable."

Jon StewartJon Stewart could be getting in the ring with Seth Rollins

"Right now I'm untouchable," Rollins said on RAW during a speech in the center of the ring. "If I wanted, I could become President. I'm not even old enough to run for office. Or I could take over as host of 'The Daily Show' for Jon Stewart, and make that thing actually watchable."

Stewart got wind of the jab and responded with his own homemade video.

"This is the biggest mistake you've ever made, going after The Daily Show. I'm coming for you Rollins, and you're going to see it. One hundred and sixty pounds of dynamite."

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Stewart late corrected himself, saying, "Obviously not dynamite. One hundred and sixty pounds of wood! Like a soft wood, like a pine. Well, like a balsam."

Since the video, Rollins offered another riposte on Twitter, telling Stewart, " know where to find me."

Stewart recently announced he was bringing to an end his reign on the Daily Show - his long-running critically acclaim programme on Comedy Central. Speculation suggests he could front his own once-a-week show for someone like HBO, Showtime, Netflix or Amazon.

John Fugelsang and John Oliver - who stepped in for Stewart on the Daily Show while he was directing Rosewater - are the most likely candidates to replace the outgoing host.

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