Following this week’s big TV news that Jon Stewart is to step down as host of ‘The Daily Show’, Comedy Central is in the process of considering a “short list” of candidates to replace him, according to Viacom.

Viacom Entertainment Group’s president Doug Herzog is also weighing up the possibility of Stewart retaining some kind of hand in producing ‘The Daily Show’ behind the scenes, as he has been an executive producer as well as host ever since the satirical show made its debut in 1999.

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart announced on Tuesday that he will quit 'The Daily Show' later this year

“TBD [to be determined]” is what he said, briefly adding “it’s not out of the question.” ‘The Daily Show’s format is believed to off limits when it comes to doing rearrangements, as Herzog simply stated “we’re not interested in doing a celebrity show.”

When asked why Stewart had chosen to step down, Herzog responded: “I think Jon wanted to get this off his chest and put it out there. He's been carrying this for a little while, and now we'll have to discuss. He'll take a deep breath, as will we, and figure out what's best for Jon Stewart and best for 'The Daily Show,' in that order.”

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52 year old Stewart announced on Tuesday that he would leave ‘The Daily Show’ later this year, probably when his contract expires in the fall. Herzog did not have anything to add in terms of a date for Stewart’s final show.

Stewart’s retirement is not only the end of an era for Comedy Central, for whom his helming of ‘The Daily Show’ has been one of the network’s defining features, but also for American television. Politicians both red and blue were notoriously wary of Stewart’s eye for detail and satire, and his show had a palpable influence of a new, younger generation of American voters.

He is also the latest nightly news show host to call it quits in the last year, with David Letterman and Stephen Colbert leaving their long-running shows in the recent past.

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