Review of What Else But Love? Album by Jon Redfern

Jon Redfern 'What Else But Love?' album review by Tareck Ghoneim.

Jon Redfern What Else But Love? Album

Jon Redfern releases 'What Else But Love?' on Reveal Records. It falls into that chilled out country, folk, acoustic sound that is soothing on the ear and laid back. I think the title of the album is a good one and there are some real heartfelt moments from the Redferns's singing and delivery. It seems a bit soft for me however. I don't get the same melancholy sentiment from Nick Drake or Nick Cave or the acoustic groove John Martyn. However is fits a genre that could appeal to many.

There is a cool laid back sound that goes on in the background and for those wanting to relax and soak up the soul of an honest man could dig this. Maybe I'm just a bit too hectic for this kind of sound although I can appreciate it's quite relaxing. No comparison to Radiohead though.

Tareck Ghoneim

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