Mad Men star Jon Hamm still dons his catcher's gear and plays baseball on Sunday mornings in a celebrity team headed by Casey Affleck.

The actor was a top prospect before he turned his back on his favourite sport, but he still plays regularly on a league in the San Fernando Valley, California.

He says, "And I'm good... I'm not (St. Louis Cardinals catcher) Yadier Molina behind the plate, but I can throw a ball to second on a rope (straight)."

Hamm, who plays a baseball scout looking for talent in India in new film Million Dollar Arm, only wishes the games weren't so early on a Sunday: "They're always somewhere way the f**k out in the Valley, and you look around and it's like, all 11 of us (teammates) decided to show up here in the morning, hungover, still drunk, missing kids, pre-church, whatever. But we're all here, and it's pretty cool that we are."