Jon Hamm found filming in India a ''challenge'' because of the heat.

The 'Mad Men' star was shooting new Disney movie 'Million Dollar Arm' with Boston Legal's' Lake Bell but struggled to cope with filming under the summer sun with temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius.

The 43-year-old actor was forced to ignore the advice of Bollywood stars - who refuse to film outdoors during the height of summer - and continued to film in the extreme temperatures due to time constrictions.

He told ''It was a challenging shoot. May in India is literally the hottest month. So much so that all the Bollywood movies basically shut down and move indoors. They don't even shoot outside in May. They were looking at us like, 'No, no, no.' No one shoots outside in May, you'll die, you'll melt, your camera won't work. But we were like we are going to do it because this is the time we have and it was challenging.''

Unfortunately for Jon and his 'Million Dollar Arm' team, the group struggled with more than just the heat during their stint in India, with many of the film crew falling ill with digestive problems over the course of the trip.

He said: ''There's a whole other culinary situation going on over there as well. Where if you are not careful you can have a situation in this part. We had a few guys go down with code brown. Which was not so great. I fortunately did not. I was rock solid.''