Jon Hamm finds working in the UK ''civilised''.

The 43-year-old actor spent time in London shooting TV show 'Black Mirror' and appreciated having regular working hours that didn't disrupt his social life.

He said: ''You have an end of the day that is resolute. It's civilised.

''In the States, we go until the work is done or until you fall over, and it is a disaster.You cannot have plans. You just work until you stop working.''

''[In London], you work until five o'clock and then you go home, and you go to a hotel and have dinner and see a show. It is awesome.''

While the 'Mad Men' star has enjoyed the working hours of the UK, he admits he is struggling to navigate his way around London without using his mobile phone.

He told the New York Daily News newspaper's Confidenti@l column: ''I know a couple of neighbourhoods very well and I certainly would get lost if I didn't have Google Maps on my phone. I love technology.''

Jon - who is in a relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt - recently revealed he refuses to use social media as he wants to engage directly with his loved ones, but admits he is obsessed with the internet and playing 'Candy Crush Saga'.

He said: ''I thought, 'I'm not paying enough attention to friends and family' so adding another layer felt counter-productive.

''That said, 'I'm probably on the internet too much and I've been working my way through the ridiculous time-waster that is 'Candy Crush'. I think I'm on level 280, which is just absurd.''