Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has reportedly waived his fee for an upcoming Bon Jovi concert in Spain to ease the financial burden on the crisis-hit country.

The Livin' on a Prayer hitmakers offered up cheap tickets for the gig in Madrid next month (Jun13) to help fans in the struggling nation, and now editors at the country's El Mundo newspaper report the star has gone one step further by turning down his fee for the 27 June (13) show in light of the country's economic crisis.

Bon Jovi reportedly told that Madrid was initially left off his touring list over fears the event would not sell out because of the downturn, but instead he decided to waive his usual payment.

The star is quoted as saying, "It's a way to thank the Spanish fans (for) 30 years of support."

Spain is in the grip of a deep recession, with forecasts suggesting the unemployment rate is set to hit 28 per cent by next year (14).