Rocker Jon Bon Jovi reunited with the bride he gave away in Las Vegas earlier this year (13) by inviting her to attend his show in Sydney on Sunday night (15Dec13).

Australian Branka Delic made headlines around the world when she launched a video campaign urging the Bon Jovi frontman to walk her down the aisle at her nuptials in Sin City in October (13).

The star heard about her plea, and turned up in a limousine to escort her into the Graceland Wedding Chapel.

She was given the chance to reunite with Bon Jovi in Sydney over the weekend (14-15Dec13) after a member of the rocker's management team rang her at the last minute to invite her to the band's gig at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Delic and her new husband were asked to attend the soundcheck before the Sunday night (15Dec13) show and meet up with the singer again to tell him about their honeymoon.

She says, "Jon shows up with a big smile on his and I just ran at him and said, 'Give me a hug, big boy'. He started laughing. It really did surpass my wedding day a million times over. This was the whole experience. As a kid I was that person who hung around the back of the Entertainment Centre seeing who would come in and out. Last night I was that person with my Vip pass. I could only dream that one day I would be walking down that hall at a Bon Jovi show, it was amazing'... He kept asking us about our honeymoon but I kept saying, 'I don't want to talk about us I want to talk about you'."