Jon Bon Jovi's daughter Stephanie Bongiovi, 19, will not be prosecuted for the small amount of heroin she was in possession of before overdosing in her Hamilton College dorm room this week. Her friend, Ian Grant - who called the ambulance - has also caught the same break.

According to the New York Daily News, a new good-Samaritan drug law passed last year means those overdosing and actively looking for help cannot be punished. "People will say she got away with murder because of who she is, but this law was passed so people don't watch somebody die because they're afraid of jail," said Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara, adding, "And you don't want the person overdosing to say, 'No, don't call" Authorities said Bon Jovi's daughter would still be in trouble had she been in possession of 8 ounces of heroin, but that she was not. "It was an insignificant amount. Heroin does not weigh that much in the first place," said McNamara. 

Police said on Wednesday (Nov 14) that Bongiovi, the only daughter of the multi-millionaire rocker, was unresponsive when help arrived at the Dunham Hall dorm shortly before 2am. She was rushed to hospital and later charged with misdemenor possession of heroin, misdemeanor marijuana possession and criminal use of drug paraphernalia. However, the latest decision means both Bongiovi and Grant are no longer required to appear before a judge on December 4, 2012.