Jon Bon Jovi can't see himself slowing down.

The 50-year-old singer is set to go on tour with his Bon Jovi bandmates next year and while he always thinks about retiring, the lure of singing on stage again is too much.

He said: ''I can't see in front of this tour! It'd be looking at my dad and saying, 'You're going on tour.' But then who'd have thought I'd be 50 and in my prime! I lie down every year and I think I'm going to start slowing down, but I can't help myself, so we just go with it. We're lucky we've got all generations, we've got kids to teenagers to people in their 60s! That's what I always hoped to do, like the Rolling Stones.''

Jon says the reason he and his bandmates are still successful is because they respect their fans and always give them a show to remember.

He said: ''The secret of our success is hard work, good luck and being true, and we never disappoint live so that people will come back. They know they'll get their money's worth. We won't play for 40 minutes then throw a tantrum!''