Jon Bon Jovi fired his manager, lawyer and accountants in a bid to save his group. The rocker admits Bon Jovi were closer to splitting a few years ago than fans would like to imagine, and he decided to take control of band affairs to keep the group together. He explains, "We had time to reflect on what was going wrong and all that was going wrong, in retrospect, was that those who were working for us, pushing harder - more shows, more records, more this, more that - were only trying to do their job. "But at the time I was quick to point a finger and say, 'You're killing us for a commission.' They almost did make the band break up. "When I was able to take that deep breath and look at it, I said, 'Wait a minute, I don't dislike any of the guys, I don't even dislike these management people,' we just had to get down to what it was about and so we retired. "When I fired the manager, agents and lawyers and everyone else and decided to take over the management myself, I said (to the band), 'If you have faith in my vision, we can be here forever.' And they did."