Jon Bon Jovi will take his biggest regret to the grave - he never met his hero Frank Sinatra. The rocker admits he had many opportunities to meet his idol but was never mature enough to sit and chat with Ol' Blue Eyes. He says, "My only regret in my career is that I didn't meet him and I had the chance but I was too young, I wasn't ready for it. I blew it. "I was asked many a night, 'Come and see Frank, come and see Frank...' Now I could sit and talk to Mr S for hours." But at least the singer's mother got the chance to meet Sinatra - she got backstage at a show and asked the crooner to sign her copy of Rolling Stone magazine, which featured her son on the cover. He adds, "My mother went backstage and got him to sign it and said, 'This is my son now; he's a big rock 'n' roll star.' He wrote a little note, he was as gracious to her as I imagined he would have been."