Jon Bon Jovi is disgusted rock rival Axl Rose receives more media attention than he does, because the reclusive GUNS N' ROSES frontman "hasn't made a record in 13 years". New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi leaped to fame around the same time as the KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR hitmakers and hates being regarded as an inferior to the group by the music press. He says, "You know what p**ses me off? I was reading this British rock magazine this month and there was a story about Axl Rose and the $13 million Guns N' Roses record that was never made. "That motherf**ker hasn't made a record in 13 years and he gets all that attention. You know what I've done in 13 years? A lot. But they have continued to write about the freak show aspect of him. Because he's a recluse. That makes him interesting, right?"