Jon Bon Jovi had his mid-life crisis early, taking off to Malibu, California and hanging out with washed up rockers. The Bon Jovi frontman felt sure he'd made the right decision after coming to a crossroads in his life after years spent constantly touring and recording with his band. The 45-year-old reveals he and his bandmates had said everything to each other - and he was looking for a change from life in New Jersey, but the change went too far. It took first-time fatherhood in 1993 to bring Bon Jovi back to reality. He tells America's Best Life magazine, "I'd achieved what I thought was it and I was disappointed by it. I was like, 'Is that it? Well, that sucks.' "And it's cold and it's lonely and it's depressing, sitting there on your deck, in the middle of one of those grey Malibu summers, grey, cold and s**ty. "And then, at 10 in the morning, I'd find guys looking in my fridge, ready to start going again. "This one rock star who was trying to be sober, I found him in my pantry drinking cooking wine. He's dead now. He died of AIDS."